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El Salvador's Innovative "Freedom Visa" Targets Wealthy Bitcoiners

By James Morales | Last Updated: 3 hours ago

El Salvador, known for its pro-Bitcoin stance, has introduced an enticing program called the "Freedom Visa," specifically designed to attract wealthy Bitcoin enthusiasts. This initiative offers permanent residency and a pathway to citizenship for individuals investing $1 million worth of BTC in the country. The government aims to draw individuals interested in the "Bitcoin lifestyle" with this crypto-twist on the traditional golden visa concept.

El Salvador's Crypto-Friendly Initiatives Garner Global Praise

El Salvador's embrace of Bitcoin-friendly policies has gained widespread acclaim from the global crypto community, positioning the country as a forward-thinking libertarian haven. Some Bitcoin enthusiasts have already relocated to El Salvador, aligning themselves with President Nayib Bukele's techno-economic agenda. In a bid to further promote the nation as an attractive destination and stimulate investment, the government has launched the innovative "Freedom Visa" scheme.

Bitcoin Visa Program Encourages Investment in El Salvador

The Migration Authority of El Salvador has extended an invitation to "investors interested in contributing to building Bitcoin Country" to apply for the "Freedom Visa" program. This initiative promises a lifelong residency permit and citizenship for those investing $1 million in BTC or USDT. The funds collected will be utilized for economic development, cultural enrichment, and social programs, according to the program's official website.

Similar to the concept of "golden visas" implemented globally, the program allows immediate family members of participants to also attain residency status. However, the scheme imposes a cap, limiting participation to a maximum of 1,000 individuals per year.

Embracing the "Bitcoin Lifestyle" in El Salvador

Promotional materials for El Salvador's "Freedom Visa" portray it as an opportunity to adopt the "Bitcoin lifestyle" in a "land of economic liberty." Building on previous initiatives to attract high-net-worth individuals, El Salvador distinguishes itself by not subjecting Bitcoin to capital gains tax, a significant draw for crypto investors.

President Bukele, credited with spearheading cryptocurrency promotion in the country, drew inspiration from the success of El Zonte. Following a substantial BTC donation in 2019, El Zonte embraced Bitcoin as a local currency, earning the moniker "Bitcoin Beach." Bukele's ambitious plans for a "Bitcoin City" gained traction in 2022, funded by government bonds and powered by geothermal energy.

Despite skepticism surrounding the project, recent developments, including the initiation of airport construction near the proposed city site, suggest progress. Additionally, the government's timely Bitcoin investments, made at an average price of just over $40,000 per coin, could prove lucrative if the crypto market experiences a rally similar to that of 2020-2021, potentially benefiting El Salvador's public finances.

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