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Why Is Bitcoin City Revolutionary?

The world is trending toward tyranny and there are only a few principles of government and finance that can save us. One is sound money, exemplified by Bitcoin with a finite limit and no centralized control. The other is a jurisdiction where you can create wealth and value without the government's theft.


Somehow in the midst of a global takeover known as "The Great Reset" by the WEF, IMF, World Bank, Bank of International Settlements, UN, and other globalist organizations, one President in one country was willing to create such a jurisdiction with such a form of finance.


In a country with as many challenges as there are opportunities, risk tolerant entrepreneurs stand to become founding fathers by creating something that has never been created before, a city designed for true economic freedom. And without economic freedom, we can have no freedom at all.

Just like the Pilgrims ventured away from tyranny of the Old World, many of freedom minded people are considering visiting, investing, and moving to Bitcoin City, El Salvador to be a part of a grand new experiment in freedom. 

My name is Sean Morgan, I'm a crypto entrepreneur and citizen journalist. I am one of the people who is considering moving to Bitcoin City.  I created this blog as a place where like-minded entrepreneurs can stay up to date on Bitcoin City and discuss developments and create partnerships on the forum page. 

I have started investing in digital properties to prepare for Bitcoin City and I am creating a model community layout called Bitcoin Marketplace. The ultimate goal is to buy physical real estate in the proposed jurisdiction and give our families a future with economic freedom. 

Contact me if you want to partner on this exciting new frontier.

About Bitcoin Marketplace

Bitcoin Marketplace is a beach front property development proposal in the region of Bitcoin City. It is a proposed cultural and economic hub as well as tourist attraction and national monument. 

The first floor of the beachfront property will have restaurants and commercial spaces for rent to the first settling entrepreneurs.  The second floor will have incubation and office space for the inevitable flight to this jurisdiction, especially for crypto related businesses. The third floor will have penthouse apartments for investors of the project who are on the board of directors.

The property is proposed to be gated, not as an exclusive resort, but as an enclosed space for local El Salvadoran vendors to sell artisan goods rent free in the public square. 

The marketplace opens up at dawn each day. Vendors and tourists can enter the gates and enjoy the restaurants, handicrafts, and gardens.

The inside and outside walls are painted by local artists and tell the story of El Salvador's past and possible future. The outside of the walls have a park to explore the flora, fauna, and local history.

Contact me to get a video of the architectural designs.

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