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Why Does an NFT Have Value?

I'd like to talk to you about an odd topic. NFT's aka non fungible tokens.

It used to be that people would only collect physical art and collectibles like baseball cards, pokemon cards, or paintings.

They have value because of many reasons like the scarcity of the object and the social value of possessing it.

Well, like everything...its going digital/virtual.

Digitized art and collectibles can now be registered, tracked, designated to owners, and traded with bulletproof technology to ensure accuracy and security.

Yes it is a bit odd to see the mania where a digital picture is purchased for millions of dollars.

But in some ways, owning art digitally is more secure and democratic.

People can steal your paintings. Your baseball cards can mold or catch fire. But digital is forever.

Creators get amazing royalties for their NFT creations on the secondary market.

I am working with multiple artists to release several NFT sets.

The idea is to create a card game that is physical, but can also be collected digitally.

It's called "The Great Awakening Card Game"

For now, the game is in the concept phase. But the NFT's have already started to be created and some of them are on display here:

The idea of the game is to educate the public about the players involved in this political movement.

Each collectible card can only be digitally owned by a maximum of 5 people in the world, making them scarce.

10 percent of proceeds will be donated to, a nonprofit who cleans up voter rolls to help stop election steals.

So this project is to help raise money for citizen journalism, education, and stopping the steals...and the backers get a scarce digital collectible.

I will be releasing one NFT per day on my social media of Gab and Telegram over the next 52 days. Follow me @SeanMorganReport

The digital art is up for auction, you place bids with Ethereum, which is the second biggest crypto after Bitcoin.

I released the website to track all the art and donations to Judicial Watch and release info about the upcoming physical card sets.

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