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What if Atlas Shrugged and All Talent Moves To Bitcoin City?

Ayn Rand wrote a novel about the truly creative and intelligent entrepreneurs of the world who got tired of being preyed upon by parasitic bureaucrats. They left the known world and started their own community.

Now we live in a world where a cabal of international organizations are setting policy for nation states. They say that we will own nothing and be happy. They want to implement centrally controlled crypto currencies and social credit scores. They seem to want us locked down, isolated, masked, and vaccinated.

Well, what if there was one place without a central bank and without predatory taxation? What if there was one place where the truly creative and intelligent entrepreneurs of the world were free to create with the theft of taxation and inflation.

This is not longer a thought experiment. Sound money was invented a decade ago with Bitcoin and it has been made legal tender in El Salvador. Now the central bank can no longer steal from the people through monetary inflation.

With the advent of Bitcoin City and its tax structure, every smart company executive, investor, and entrepreneur will want to relocate there.

Perhaps the people who are most attracted to freedom are society's greatest assets and perhaps they will all disappear from the nation states who alienated them.

Luckily there is a place where they can go and create with unfettered wings. Learn more at http://BitcoinCity.Guide

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